Understanding Long Division:

When faced with a division problem, it is essential to understand the process and arrive at an accurate quotient. In this article, we will explore the division of 12,960 by 160 and analyze the steps involved in solving this mathematical operation. By breaking down the process and using long division, we can determine the quotient and any remainder that may arise. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this division problem and understand how it can be solved effectively.


Understanding Long Division:

Long division is a method used to divide two numbers, where the dividend is divided by the divisor to obtain the quotient and, if applicable, the remainder. This process involves several steps that help us arrive at an accurate solution. To divide 12,960 by 160, we will follow the long division method, which includes dividing each digit of the dividend with the divisor starting from left to right and bringing down the next digit after each step .

Step 1: Dividing the First Digit:

In the case of 12,960 divided by 160, we start by dividing the first digit of the dividend, which is 1, with the divisor, 160. Since 1 is smaller than 160, we move on to the next digit of the dividend, which is 2. We then divide 12 (the first two digits of the dividend) by 160. The result is 0, as 12 is smaller than 160.

Step 2: Bringing Down the Next Digit:

After dividing the first two digits of the dividend, we bring down the next digit, which is 9. Now, we have 129 as our new dividend. We continue the division process by dividing 129 by 160. Again, since 129 is smaller than 160, the quotient for this step is 0 .

Step 3: Dividing the Next Digit:

Moving forward, we bring down the next digit, which is 6, resulting in a new dividend of 96. We divide 96 by 160, and once again, the quotient is 0 since 96 is smaller than 160 .

Step 4: Dividing the Final Digit:

Finally, we bring down the last digit of the dividend, which is 0. Our new dividend becomes 60. Dividing 60 by 160, we find that the quotient is still 0, as 60 is smaller than 160.

Conclusion of Long Division:

After completing all the steps of long division, we can conclude that 12,960 divided by 160 equals 0. Therefore, there is no remainder in this division problem. The quotient, in this case, is 0 .

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