Tel Aviv-based 22M Ventures: Fueling Innovation in the Heart of Silicon Valley

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 The Genesis of 22M Ventures

Founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneur and investor Mark Wiggers, 22M Ventures was born out of a desire to connect the thriving Israeli startup ecosystem with the opportunities available in Silicon Valley. Wiggers, with his extensive experience in both regions, recognized the untapped potential for collaboration and saw an opportunity to bridge the gap.

Wiggers’ vision was to create a platform that would not only provide funding but also offer strategic guidance and mentorship to early-stage startups. By leveraging his network and expertise, he aimed to empower entrepreneurs and help them navigate the challenges of scaling their businesses.

 Unique Approach

What sets 22M Ventures apart from other venture capital firms is its dual presence in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto. This strategic positioning allows the firm to tap into the best of both worlds – the innovation and talent pool of Tel Aviv and the resources and market access of Silicon Valley.

The team at 22M Ventures takes a hands-on approach to investing, actively engaging with portfolio companies to provide guidance and support. They believe that successful startups require more than just capital; they need a strong network, strategic partnerships, and mentorship. By offering these resources, 22M Ventures aims to maximize the potential of its investments and increase their chances of success.

Focus on Early-Stage Investments

22M Ventures primarily focuses on early-stage investments, targeting startups in their seed and Series A stages. This allows the firm to identify promising ideas and work closely with entrepreneurs from the ground up. By getting involved at an early stage, 22M Ventures can help shape the direction of the company and provide valuable insights that contribute to its growth.

The firm’s investment thesis revolves around disruptive technologies in sectors such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fintech, and enterprise software. By focusing on these high-growth areas, 22M Ventures aims to support startups that have the potential to make a significant impact on their respective industries.

Impact on the Startup Landscape

Over the years, 22M Ventures has made a significant impact on the startup landscape in both Tel Aviv and Silicon Valley. By fostering collaboration between these two tech hubs, the firm has facilitated knowledge transfer, talent exchange, and market expansion opportunities for its portfolio companies.

Through its strategic investments and guidance, 22M Ventures has helped numerous startups achieve rapid growth and secure follow-on funding from top-tier investors. The firm’s track record speaks for itself, with successful exits and notable portfolio companies that have gone on to become industry leaders.


Tel Aviv-based 22M Ventures has emerged as a driving force in the world of venture capital, connecting the Israeli startup ecosystem with the opportunities available in Silicon Valley. With its unique approach to investing, focus on early-stage startups, and hands-on support, 22M Ventures has become a trusted partner for entrepreneurs looking to turn their ideas into successful businesses. As the firm continues to fuel innovation and foster collaboration, it is poised to shape the future of technology and drive the next wave of disruptive startups.

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