RuneScape 3, an ever-evolving MMORPG, takes players on a journey through a vast and dynamic world filled with adventures, quests, and skills to master. Among the plethora of skills available, Smithing stands out as a cornerstone of the game’s economy and combat system. In this article, we delve into the heart of RuneScape 3′s Smithing skill and explore the intricacies of the famed “Into the Forge” experience.

The Essence of Smithing:

Smithing in RuneScape 3 involves the creation of various metal items, from simple weapons and armor to powerful, high-tier equipment. The skill enables players to forge their weapons and armor, enhancing their combat capabilities and providing opportunities for economic gains through trading. As players progress in Smithing, they unlock access to better materials and crafting methods, allowing them to create formidable gear.

Getting Started:

For those looking to embark on the Smithing journey, the initial steps involve mining ore, smelting it into bars, and then crafting these bars into a range of items. Bronze, iron, steel, and mithril are some of the early materials players work with, gradually progressing to more exotic metals like adamantite and rune. To begin, players can visit various mining locations across RuneScape, such as the Lumbridge Swamp or Al Kharid mines, and extract ore using a pickaxe.

Smelting and Crafting:

Once the ore is obtained, players must smelt it into bars using a furnace. Different metals require various levels of Smithing and mining to smelt, adding an element of skill progression. Crafting items from these bars contributes to experience points, gradually leveling up the Smithing skill. Early on, players can create basic weapons and armor, contributing not only to their own equipment but also potentially establishing a foothold in the player-driven economy.

Into the Forge – An Unforgettable Quest:

The quest titled “Into the Forge” adds a thrilling layer to the Smithing experience in RuneScape 3. As players progress through the quest, they delve into the lore surrounding the art of Smithing, uncovering secrets and challenges that test their skills to the fullest. The quest introduces unique crafting methods and materials, offering a glimpse into the rich narrative that underlies the RuneScape world.

Mastering Artisan’s Workshop:

One of the key locations for advanced Smithing in RuneScape 3 is the Artisan’s Workshop, situated in the city of Falador. This workshop provides players with a more intricate and rewarding Smithing experience. Inside, players can participate in ceremonial sword-making activities, creating powerful weapons and earning commendation points. These points can be used to unlock additional benefits, such as better equipment and experience boosts.

High-Level Smithing – Invention:

As players reach higher Smithing levels, they unlock the Invention skill. Invention introduces a groundbreaking mechanic that allows players to augment their weapons and armor with various perks, enhancing their combat effectiveness. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the Smithing skill, as players experiment with different materials and perks to create truly unique and powerful gear.

The Road to Masterwork:

For those seeking the pinnacle of Smithing achievement, the Masterwork equipment represents the ultimate goal. Crafting Masterwork gear requires not only a high Smithing level but also mastery of various crafting methods, including mining and combat. The process involves creating individual components and then combining them to forge the Masterwork equipment. The result is top-tier gear, coveted by players for its unparalleled strength and resilience.

Economic Impact:

Beyond personal progression, Smithing plays a crucial role in the RuneScape 3 economy. Players can make a profit by crafting and selling high-demand items, contributing to the game’s dynamic player-driven marketplace. The rarity and power of certain Smithed items can make them valuable commodities, creating opportunities for dedicated artisans to amass wealth through their crafting expertise.


The world of RuneScape 3 is a tapestry of skills and experiences, and Smithing stands as a fundamental thread within it. “Into the Forge” and the broader Smithing skill encapsulate not just the mechanics of crafting items but also the essence of player progression, economic impact, and storytelling. As players dive into the depths of the forge, they unveil a world where craftsmanship, skill, and creativity meld to shape a unique and enduring adventure.

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