Bad News Trumpadjacent Delights Seth: A Closer Look

The world of politics is often filled with surprises, and the recent news about Seth Rich has left many people scratching their heads. The story of Rich’s murder has been shrouded in controversy since it first came to light, and now it seems that there may be even more to the story than we originally thought. In this article, we will take a closer look at the “bad news Trumpadjacent delights Seth” controversy and explore what it could mean for the future of American politics.

The Murder of Seth Rich

Before we dive into the controversy surrounding Rich’s murder, let’s first take a look at the facts. Seth Rich was a 27-year-old Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer who was shot and killed in Washington D.C. in July of 2016. The murder was initially believed to be a botched robbery, but conspiracy theories soon began to emerge suggesting that Rich had been targeted because he was the source of the DNC email leaks that had plagued Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Despite the lack of evidence supporting these theories, they continued to gain traction among some circles, including conservative media outlets and supporters of President Donald Trump. The theories were further fueled by the fact that Rich’s murder remains unsolved, leading some to speculate that there may be a cover-up at play.

The “Bad News Trumpadjacent Delights Seth” Controversy

The latest twist in the Seth Rich saga came in early September 2021 when a court filing from former Fox News host Ed Butowsky was made public. In the filing, Butowsky claimed that he had been in contact with a source who had told him that “bad news” about Rich would “delight” Trump and his associates.

The filing also included text messages between Butowsky and Fox News contributor Rod Wheeler, who had been hired by Butowsky to investigate Rich’s murder. In the messages, Wheeler appears to suggest that he had information about Rich’s death that would be damaging to the DNC and that he was being pressured to keep quiet.

The controversy surrounding these claims has been further fueled by the fact that Butowsky has a history of promoting conspiracy theories, including the idea that Rich was the source of the DNC email leaks. Critics have accused him of using the latest court filing as a way to keep the conspiracy theories alive and to further his own agenda.

The Fallout

The fallout from the “bad news Trumpadjacent delights Seth” controversy has been swift and far-reaching. Fox News, which had previously pushed the conspiracy theories surrounding Rich’s murder, has distanced itself from Butowsky and his claims. In a statement, the network said that it had “no knowledge of Mr. Butowsky’s claims or actions” and that it had “no interest in associating itself with him.”

Meanwhile, critics of President Trump have seized on the controversy as evidence of his willingness to engage in unethical and potentially illegal behavior. Some have even suggested that the claims made by Butowsky could be part of a larger effort by Trump and his associates to undermine the credibility of the Russia investigation and distract from other controversies surrounding his administration.

The Future of American Politics

So what does all of this mean for the future of American politics? At its core, the “bad news Trumpadjacent delights Seth” controversy is a reminder of just how divisive and polarized our political landscape has become. Conspiracy theories and baseless claims are increasingly being used as weapons in political battles, and it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction in an environment where truth is often subjective.

At the same time, however, the controversy also highlights the importance of holding those in power accountable for their actions. Whether or not the claims made by Butowsky are true, the fact that they have been made public and are being scrutinized by the media and the public is a testament to the strength of our democracy and the power of free speech.


The “bad news Trumpadjacent delights Seth” controversy is just the latest in a long line of political scandals that have rocked the United States in recent years. While it remains to be seen what, if anything, will come of these claims, one thing is clear: the American people deserve transparency and accountability from their leaders. As we move forward, it is up to all of us to demand that our elected officials uphold these values and work to restore trust in our political institutions.

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